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Post by kernal on Fri Jun 13, 2014 5:44 pm

Humaroids are NPC planets which, upon successful assault, yield blueprint shreds, humaroid gems, and cg.  They are probably the best source of cg in the game, and the only way to get humaroid gems to level up your flagships. However, in humaroids losses are permanent!

Each humaroid has a level 1-10 and an expiration time.  Level 1 is the easiest; 10 is the hardest.  Pay close attention to the expiration time because if your fleets arrive after this time, that humaroid may be replaced with one of a different level, perhaps spelling doom for your assault.  If the humaroid expires while you are in battle, nothing happens - the battle continues as normal.  

While you have mastered the art of running instances without losses, that same strategy (pile up some shields) will not work in humaroids.  The enemy fleets feature commanders like Fatal Furies and Victory Roar whose abilities allow them to ignore your ships' shields.  This makes it difficult to run humaroids without losses.  The two good methods are to (1) use rayo-based commanders or (2) reduce the enemy hit-rate.  In addition, every humaroid fleet's flagship sports reflective plating which will rapidly wear down the shields on any fleet without sufficient regeneration.  

(1) Use Rayo-based Commanders
Rayo prevents the enemy from using abilities if the sum of his stats are higher than the sum of the enemy's stats.  That's all four stats; gems included.  At the moment, the rayo-based comms are: Rayo, Rex Scuta, Death from Above, and The Dictators.  The Titan (+5 stats/level) addition to Rayo in The Dictators makes this comm a particularly good choice for humaroids as the stat requirements are more easily (and therefore cheaply) reached.  The stat requirements can be found on the galaxy online wikipedia page on humaroids.  

(2) Reduce Enemy Hit-Rate
My favorite method to defeat humaroids is to reduce the enemy hit rate.  If the enemy fleet hit rate is 0%, then it doesn't matter that they can ignore your defenses because they will still do 0 damage.  With new ships and mods (in particular, Cursed Eurus with Infrared Seeker), ships can reach 31 agility.  This, on a commander with 600 dodge (possible on 1* titan-based divine) can reduce enemy hit rate sufficiently to complete humaroid level 9 without losses.  



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Humaroid Guide Empty Re: Humaroid Guide

Post by endeavour on Fri Jun 13, 2014 7:23 pm

Great writeup Kernal!

Here are some other tips:

  • Refresh your game before hunting for humas.  That way your game has the latest info on huma timing and levels.  If you see a Level 256 planet, you need to refresh.
  • Sync all ships before sending them.  If fleets arrive to the huma at different times, it'll be as if you sent too few fleets.
  • Work your way up until you find the huma level that's right.  You cannot stop the battle once it starts.
  • Send ships that you can rebuild or easily buy back in case there are losses.  Don't send in your farming fleet that you use to earn resources.

(3) Brute force wins
One strategy, which isn't pretty, is to just accept ship losses.  If you don't have the right commanders to complete humas without losses, you can still farm them by constantly building ships.  Find a huma level that has "acceptable" losses to you and keep your shipyard working.  Upgrading your space dock is useful since it can repair a percentage of ship losses.  This can also work if you plan on sending fleets to lots of humas at the same time. You can re-purpose RI8 Indy fleets in this way having them run RI8 overnight and farming humas during the day. Indys with only common commanders might lose 100-200 ships for Level 1, 200-800 for Level 2.


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