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Restricted Instance 8 Guide Empty Restricted Instance 8 Guide

Post by endeavour on Thu Jun 12, 2014 9:59 pm

Why Restricted Instance 8 (RI8)

  • Beating RI8 can give a skill commander card that is unbound (Lawrence, Evi, Essido, Tyren).  Each skill card can be merged to get high star ranking commanders, sold to raise MP, or traded with others for better cards.
  • In my experience, a card drops every five runs or so and sells for ~20MP or ~35 million gold.

What to Expect

  • Building or buying RI8 fleets will take a lot of time and a lot of investment.  There aren't a lot of shortcuts but this guide will help you reduce rework or miscalculations.
  • People can sell you RI8 fleets.  However, unless you are able to buy a large number of fleets, your run time will be very long, even with super advanced fleets.

Research Prerequisites

  • Ballistic Science: As close to the final upgrade as you can (Victory Rush and Range Extension)
  • Ship Defense: Augment Shield 3 and Augment Absorption 2.
  • Hull Research: Independence-III

Restricted Instance Strategy

  • Buying advanced fleets is not needed since you can build them yourself.
  • RI8 is a challenge of numbers and time.  There are 48 enemy fleets and you can send up to 21 fleets.  Each enemy fleet has Extreme Counter Attack (ECA), which causes 400k damage each time your fleets attack.  Thus, you must destroy all 48 fleets before the ECA damage destroys all of your ship's shields.  In addition, you want to destroy enemy fleets quickly, otherwise the battle will take hours.
  • First, you must pick a flagship.  I don't recommend that you build them yourself because that is, in itself, very costly; selling them is rarely going to pay back the investment.  Instead, buy them in bulk from a friendly corp member and let him or her know that you're using them for RI8.  Plan on needing 250+ flagships per fleet if they have weapons or 1+ if weaponless.
  • The three main ones used, in order of preference, are:

    • Grim Reaper-X: Reduces enemy fleet stability by 500%
    • Conquistador-X: Gives 30% scattering damage to all attacks, in addition to scattering from research sciences
    • Intrepid Nexus-X: Recharges 100% of fleet's shields each round

  • Second, you must build Independences around the flagship to use its advantages.  For example, fleets with Intrepid Nexus do not need as much shielding.
  • Third, you must build a lot of fleets and recruit a lot of commanders in order for the run time to be acceptable.  Run times of 2-3 hours are common and a run time under an hour is considered "good".
  • Lastly, you must watch or monitor your first successful RI8 run.  The run time and success depend on many different factors.  Unless you know that you can complete it without losses, you run the risk of losing lots of ships permanently.

Speed farming Strategy

  • If you actually have the resources to speed farm RI8, you don't need to read this guide.
  • One technique is to have 21 speed commanders with ship-based weapons and Conquistador-X.  This allows each fleet to attack first, have a far range, and destroy an entire enemy fleet in 1-2 shots.  This will result in a run time around 25 minutes.

What to Build

  • 16-21 fleets of Indys with one of the three flagships with ballistic weapons since they'll attack each turn.
  • Be prepared for a large investment.  Building 16+ fleets is close to 100M in metal, gas, gold, and potentially two weeks of build time.
  • Stacks of 1100 to 1200 are fine if you have 21 fleets.  Stacks of 1500-1600 are needed if using fewer fleets.
  • RI8 can be completed with fewer fleets but you risk having very long run times and will need higher stack sizes to accommodate the additional ECA damage
  • Indy-III design: 6xEOS Shield-III, 4xAres Widowmaker-III, 5xAzrael-III or better
  • If using Intrepid Nexus-X as your flagship, stacks of 1100 are fine regardless of the number of fleets.


  • Common Commanders are perfectly fine.  Try to use ones with A ballistic ratings.  The best common commanders would have A ballistic and B cruiser to align with the Independence hull.
  • It will help to start collecting commanders early since not all will have great weapon ratings.  You can "save" them from being dismissed by creating a fleet with it (weikes placeholder), leveling them up, or adding a chip/gem to them.

Fleet Settings

  • Set all fleets to min-range and closest.
  • The GO2 Wiki suggests minimum firepower, which can help if you have fewer than 21 fleets.

Ways to Optimize and Troubleshooting

  • The biggest thing that you can do to reduce run time is use a good flagship designed for RI8 and have 21 fleets.  This way, your fleets will destroy 21 fleets in the first round, 21 in the second, and then destroy space defenses/fleets in the following rounds.
  • Speed commanders are not going to give an appreciable amount of time-reduction unless you're able to field a very large number of them.

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Restricted Instance 8 Guide Empty Re: Restricted Instance 8 Guide

Post by Daemon Drexel on Thu Jun 12, 2014 10:36 pm

More descriptive about the amount of ships you need: 15-21 fleets of 9050 ships.

X = independence stacks of 1100
O = Grim Reaper X stacks or 250


Now knowing the numbers you'll need, ask Flood/Sly about designs of ships you need.
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