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Guide for starters to become advanced - Also must read Empty Guide for starters to become advanced - Also must read

Post by endeavour on Thu Jun 12, 2014 9:49 pm

Also courtesy of Sly/Flood from:

Galaxy Online 2 Stuff for Newbies to read.

Things to do when you first start.

  1. Read the wiki:  The answer to your question is almost certainly there somewhere.
  2. Follow the quests - not only do they teach you how to play, but they give you resource bonuses for following.
  3. Upgrade your resource buildings as much as you can (this will take months anyway, so start NOW and if one finishes, start another one)
  4. Choose a line of ships (like frigates) and research all the hulls in that line as quick as you can. Once you've got to the end of that line, start another one.  Only research other lines out of order if you are having trouble getting a blueprint.
  5. Choose a class of weapons (like ballistic or missiles) and research that until you've got through all the regular instance bps in that class, then and only then start on another class.
  6. Make sure you do your technology research in the same line of weapons that you have chosen and don't forget to do your shield ships defense research (the top half of the defense research tree)
  7. Don't worry too much about space defenses, don't bother at all with particle cannons - they're useless really.
  8. Test your ships in the arena to see if they actually work before you go and build 10,000 of them.

Abbreviations that you will see      (will be updated as i think of more)
BP - blueprint
SS - Space Station
CC - Civic/City Center
Comm - Commander
RES - resources
CG - corsair gold
Mod - module (anything you can install in a ship)
Att - attack
Div - divine commander
Leg - legendary commander
EA - Energy Armour (or see below)
TCE - Team Combat Engine
AME - Anti-Matter Engine
BM - Bloody Mary
DW - Directional weapons
SBW - Ship Based weapons
Balli - ballistic weapons
Lasers - Directional weapons
NP - no problem
Conq-X - Conquistador X (a type of flagship)
L1, L2, L4, L7 etc  - League level (usually means someone is looking for a league match)
P1, P2, etc - Pirates level
T1, T2, etc - Trial level
I1, I2, etc - instance level
RI1, RI2, etc - restricted instance level
Const - constellations
Capri - Capricorn constellation
Champs - champions arena
MP - mall points
SD - shoot downs.
WTS - want to sell (as in i have something to sell)
WTB - want to buy (as in i need something)
WTT - want to trade (as in i'll swap my x for your y)

Commander Abbreviations - there are heaps of these but here are some important ones
DfA - Death from above
EE - Erebus Errants
HoL - Hand of Lelantos
EA - Eschaton Adventists
dop - Doppelgangers
DE - Dune Enforcers
Rays or RoD - Rays of Destiny
FF - Fatal Furies

Pro tip on farming - how to.

The basics

The Frames Farmer.

Frames farmers exploit a feature of the game whereby the weakest rocket module - the Rocket Frame I -
can be buffed up to ridiculous power using bionic chips.  This works because max/min missile chips,
which add a certain amount of damage to the minimum or maximum attack stat, add it to EACH module in
the design, not to the overall attack.

Here's how it works:-

The rocket frames 1 module does 40 to 53 explosive damage at a cost of 0.04 he3.

So for example if you have a stack of 1000 ships that have a single Rocket Frame I module and no chips
the damage done each attack is 1000 x 40 to 53 or 40,000 to 53,000.

The Green Min Missile chip I adds 52 to the minimum stat and the Green Max Missile chip I adds 68 to
the max stat.  So now if you implant the chips on your commander your single Rocker Frame I now does
40 + 52 to 53 + 68 or 92 to 121.  So your stack of 1000 ships now does 92,000 to 121,000 each attack.

However, these chips can be merged to higher levels and there are also 4 different colours of chip with
increasing levels of power.  A blue chip has more power than a green, a purple has more power than a
blue and an orange has more power than a purple.  If for example you have a blue Min Missile II and
blue Max Missile II your damage will be increased to 151 to 195, so your stack of 1000 ships does
151,000 to 195,000 per attack.

Note that the He3 usage remains the same regardless of which chip you use.

But it doesn't stop there.  The rocket frame I module only takes 23 space in your ships hull... so you
have plenty of space to pack them in. In a fleetfoot hull you can put at least 13 with space enough to
include shields and engines.  Remember that your chip adds its bonus to each module.  So with 13
modules on your 1000 ship stack and your blue II chip set, your damage per attack is going to be
1,964,000 to 2,535,000.  

Later hulls can fit even more than this.  It is possible to fit 44 rocket frames I into an Erotes III
hull.. combined with a purple II min/max chipset the numbers start to become really impressive.
Damage attack 12,100,000 to 15,532,000 for just a tiny amount of He3 usage and using a weapon module
that everyone has and doesn't need upgrading.

With the right missile technology research, an attack like this can easily destroy an entire opposing
fleet in one shot.

So what do you do with these things?


Speed farming is the idea that if your commanders have enough speed, they will attack first before the
opposing fleets have a chance and kill everything without ever being shot at.  This makes running an
instance very fast (especially if you have the capability to kill entire fleets with one shot) and also
very cheap as you are not using He3 in damage absorption in your shields.  There are a few instances
that are good for speed farming.  Basically the ones that have the same number of fleet slots for both
teams.  Particularly instance 13 and instance 27 are great for speed farming.

So how much speed do you need?  In instance 13 the opposing commanders have a speed stat of 70.  So if
you can find commanders with a good initial speed, and at least a 4.5 growth rate and then once they
get to level 50 you add some speed gems so they have a speed of 71 or more - they will all fire first
and assuming you kill them all the instance will be over in 25 seconds, you'll spend about 4k on he3
and you'll make about 45k in resources.

i27 is a different story. The commanders there have a speed of 350 - so you need to have 15 commanders
with a speed of at least 351. There is really no way to do this without opening your wallet and buying
a bunch of 2* divines and some speed emeralds.... but the rewards are significant. You can easily make
4 to 5 million of each resource in an hour using go2bot or similar.



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