Speed Farming Requirements (WIP)

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Speed Farming Requirements (WIP) Empty Speed Farming Requirements (WIP)

Post by endeavour on Sun Jun 15, 2014 6:19 pm

Speed Farming Requirements

If you know the requirements for a given instance, just reply or send me a message so that we develop a handy list!

  • Commander Speed: Minimum speed that your commanders need to be to attack first
  • Enemy Fleets: Number of enemy fleets in the instance.  Minimum number that you must send to defeat all enemy fleets in one round.  Some instances have more enemy fleets than you can send in and thus will take more than one round.
  • Max Fleets: Maximum number of fleets that you can send into the instance.
  • Suggestions:  Suggestions on fleet build or settings.  For speed farming, max distance, closest target, and missiles works well.

InstanceCommander SpeedEnemy FleetsMax FleetsSuggestions
1) Ancestral Recall23
2) Deadzone44
3) Bravery54
4) Ambush65
5) Defending Yourself55
6) To Victory76
7) Annihilation108
8) Hellish Ventures88
9) Duel78
10) Lost810
11) Wonderland910
12) Dead or Alive810
13) Ship Graveyard71610Instance 13 Farming Guide
14) E.C.R1010
15) Free Flight1112
16) Spell Break1012
17) Lucky Zodiac1412
18) The Blackest Hole1212
19) The Matrix Returned1312
20) Timewhirl1512
21) Bushwhacked1615
22) The Gathering1615
23) Saving Grace1815
24) Prowler1815
25) Faceoff-I301?1315Instance 25 Farming Guide
26) Faceoff-II1615
27) Broken Pact3511515
28) Smashing1615
29) B.P2215
30) Triumphant Glory3612315


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Speed Farming Requirements (WIP) Empty Re: Speed Farming Requirements (WIP)

Post by skyminer707 on Mon Jun 16, 2014 1:26 pm

For speedfarming the low instances, all you need to have is a single fleet with ECA-3. The attack of the enemy is more than enough to kill itself. The problem arises once you start getting the Diaz shieldships, in which case you can clean up them afterwards with a high damage attack. I do not know what the minimum stacksize is for ECA-3 ships in these instances though. I usually go with effective stack still.


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