Things to not do - How to not get slaughtered

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Things to not do - How to not get slaughtered

Post by endeavour on Fri Jun 13, 2014 7:12 pm

Things to not do.  AKA how to stay alive.

This is likely to turn into a venting list about newbies.  However, here is a list of things to avoid doing unless you are looking to gain enemies in the game or looking to be kicked out of the corp.

  • Do not "snipe" items off of the auction house:  Sniping is buying an item that is purposely listed at a low price to facilitate a directed gift to someone else or a trade.  If this happens and especially if someone contacts you, do not ignore the person.
  • Do not spam world chat:  This will make you a target, literally, because people now know that you're new and they can see your coordinates.  If you have stupid questions to ask, try corp-chat first.  If you have a lot of stupid questions, read SlyPhi/Flood's guides and the wiki online.  Both are searchable.
  • Attack members of other corps:  Attacks from one corp to another can quickly escalate into a corp war.  No one wants that.  If you are trying to punish someone else, contact an officer of that corp first to get resolution.
  • Attack alts of members of other corps: You might not know it, but the undeveloped planet that you are attacking might be an alt of someone more powerful. If this occurs, work out a deal with the person to replace the ships destroyed.


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Re: Things to not do - How to not get slaughtered

Post by skyminer707 on Fri Jun 13, 2014 7:37 pm

A not-entirely-reliable way to see if a lone planet is an alt is to check the resource production facilities and stats. If the player is a low level but high instance or rank, it's probably an alt. Also, if the production facilities are all built and highly upgraded despite a low level or instance level and running (a production facility that is not animated means that the resource warehouse is full and the account has been left alone for a while), it's also probably an alt. At some point you will get a hang of telling what planets are what types of players, and that's when you can start farming them easily. Otherwise, just stay away from them. It's not worth the time and ships to get those resources.


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