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Farming Instance 13 Guide Empty Farming Instance 13 Guide

Post by endeavour on Fri Jun 13, 2014 7:00 pm

Farming Instance 13 Guide

Why I-13

  • 500,000 resources or more per hour
  • Best instance for resource farming when starting out
  • Flexible fleet design and a good instance to learn fleet design and farming strategies
  • Low speed farming requirements

Research Prerequisites

  • Ship Research: Many hulls will work.  If you are starting out, focus on frigates and use space hunter or better.  If you do not have blueprints or ships, nicely ask in corp chat and members may have extras.
  • Weapon Research: Long-range weapons work the best and missiles are recommended since the research science will be valuable for farming later instances.

Instance Strategy

  • The strategy to this instance is to have each of your fleets destroy one of the enemy fleets each time that they attack, using ranged attacks.  This instance has only 6 enemy fleets.
  • You can use many hull designs with missiles.  Since the enemy fleets only have 250 ships per stack, you can overpower them by having larger sized fleets (more ships per stack).
  • At first it may take 2 rounds to complete (~3 mins), but by increasing your fleet sizes, it can be completed in 1 round (~2 mins).  Speed farming will reduce this to under a minute.

Speed farming Strategy

  • To successfully speed farm I-13, you need to have 6 fleets with commanders with a Speed rating of 71 or higher.  This can be done with common commanders and 1-2 speed gems.
  • To get the best out of common commanders, use commanders that have a speed growth rate of 4.7 or more (5.0 is the max).  This will get the commander to 50-60 speed at level 50.

What to Build

  • Build 6 fleets with missiles.  This instance is very flexible since the enemy fleets do not have large stack sizes.  First try using the fleets that you currently have before trying to build new designs and fleets
  • A basic design that you can use is Space Hunter-III: 9xRocket Frame-I, 6xEnergy Shield Booster-III, 4xSuper Transmission Engine.

Fleet Settings

  • Set all fleets to max-range and closest
  • You do not need to use 9 stacks and it's possible to use only 5 in the same plus-symbol pattern that the enemy fleets are in.  However, if you are only using 5 stacks you must make sure that each of your stacks can destroy each enemy stack.

Ways to Optimize and Troubleshooting

  • Speed me up, I want more gold:  Complete the daily challenges to get a gem.  Use the compounding center to combine raw gems that you earn from daily challenges and the lucky wheel to gain powered gems.  Add speed gems that you get to Level-50 commanders to get them to 70 speed.  There is no added benefit for having even higher speeds for this instance.
  • Slow completion times:  If your six fleets cannot complete the instance in one round, you should increase the stack size of each fleet.  The higher stack size will translate into higher damage.
  • Watch and learn:  This instance has a lot of flexibility in allowing you to experiment with ship designs and techniques.  Watch what your fleets do and use that knowledge to your benefit by making adjustments.


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