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Post by skyminer707 on Fri Jun 13, 2014 6:51 pm

Updated ship catalog:

Highest hulls are Dullahan, Black Hole 3, Independence 3, Liberty Wings 3, Striking Sword 3 and Ultra Nwyfre 3.
Also have GR-X and ConqX.

Highest balis are Gladius Arc 3 and Black Widow 3.
Highest dirs are Flamer 3 and Nemesis 3.
Highest missiles are Shadowflare 3 and Wipeout 3.
Highest SBW are Titan 3 and Widowmaker 3.
Planetary is maxed out.

Highest struct is Daedalus Control System 3.
Highest shield is Jack o' Lantern 3.
Highest air defense is Extreme Counter Attack 3.

Highest electronics is Time Dilation Module 3.
Highest storage is Nano Station Warehouse.
Highest transmission is Wheeler Engine.

Custom orders will cost build worth.

DullaRF27 Sturdy RF (EPRY version is available at all times)
GlassRF34 Speedfarmer RF for use with Ladons (EPRY version is available at all times)
ConqRF34 ConqX RF
Calvary_V2 Ri8 farmer
SkyGR-Bali GR-X for Ri8 farming, designed for with Calvary-class ships.
SkyConq-Bali ConqX bali design, designed for with Instigator-class ships.
SkyConq-Missile Older-model ConqX missile design
SkyConq-Dir Older-model ConqX directional design, designed for with Victory-class ships.
Victory_V2 Directional Indies designed for starting-player ships. 3 effective-stack fleets (+Conq) can beat i21 with absolutely 0 tech.
Liberty_V3 Huma 1-5 fleet for use on properly statted Rayo comms. Ask for details regarding farming H6s if desired.
Instigator_V1 Basic PvP dulla with an emphasis on defense.

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