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Getting Started - Must read Empty Getting Started - Must read

Post by endeavour on Thu Jun 12, 2014 9:46 pm


The SlyPhi guide to the quickest route to progression without spending money on MP.

Step 1 - Go2bot.  Download it and use it.  There is no other way.

Step 2 - speedfarming i13

You need to gather resources to do anything in the game so you need to get an income asap.  The easiest income for smallest effort is from speedfarming i13.  For this you need 6 comms with 71+ speed, some speed farming fleets (12k kirov farmers and 3k conqx farmers) and 6 min missile and max missile chips (blue II or green IIII is sufficient).  You will probably need a few speed gems to help your comms along but these will come in time.

Step 3 - farming ri8

Once you have your income from i13, you then start buying ri8 fleets. You should have a minimum of 8 fleets.  You should be able to get unbound skill comms from this instance which you can swap for other cards.  The more fleets you have the quicker it goes (21 is max)

Step 4 - farming T10 - get yourself a set T10 fleets. Trial 10 (and all the other trials) offer valuable rewards.  Sly has T10 fleets designed for common comms.

Step 5 - making i27 speed farmers.  by swapping your ri8 cards for 2* divines (you will need quite a few for each one) - you can then start building i27 speed farmers.  i27 speed farming gives you vastly more resources.  Even 2 or 3 speed comms greatly increases the efficiency so don't think you need all 15 comms straight away
.  You could also try directly buying 2* divs for gold or donating to corps, buying Vortex A and swapping them for 2* divs.  200k Vortex A should be enough to swap for a card for the right player.

Step 6 - Making a huma farmer. In the same method as getting speed farmers, you should be also looking for The Dictators.  This particular commander is the best huma farmer out there. a 4* dictators card can comfortably do huma6 without too much trouble.  You will also need a custom built fleet for this ~ 300M gold should cover it. Also, there is the possibility of farming H9 with a 2* titan divine, although this set up will cost 600M+ gold and can only be used on H9.  Huma = masses of CG = much better chips = much better pvp comms.

By the time you've got step 6 completed you will be well and truly in the game.  This is all possible without spending a cent and could be realistically achieved in 3-4 months as a guess.


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